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Enter For A Chance To Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card Ends 8/24

Enter For A Chance To Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card - 2 Winners. Drawing August 24th
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Gululu Back to School Giveaway Ends 9/1

Its time for back to school and this is a great giveaway and has information on hydrating kids with a easy to use smartphone app.

What is Gululu? Gululu was developed by Bowhead Technology as an interactive water bottle that keeps children hydrated while allowing parents to monitor daily water-drinking progress through an easy to use smartphone app. Gululu provides a technology-enabled solution with a learning-through-play mechanism to address issues pertaining to children’s wellbeing.

The water bottle tracks hydration and encourages the child to drink with the help of an educational pet-growing game DIRECTLY ON THE BOTTLE! As kids consume more water from their Gululu bottle, their virtual pet grows and unlocks new worlds and adventures at the “Gululu Universe." Gululu also has an automatic software and content update system that continuously rolls out new features to keep children engaged.
Back to School Must-Haves! Gululu Interactive Water Bottle with Hydration Tracking App for Parents! This great water bottle even has school-time settings!

Gululu's Greater Purpose:

Gululu's mission and contribution is to help children all over the world stay healthy and hydrated! To advance their goal, for every Gululu bottle purchased, a child in a developing country will be provided with clean drinking water! This initiative was created through a partnership with, a humanitarian organization that provides sustainable solutions to the global water crisis, one community at a time. Joining forces with has allowed Gululu to offer programs focused on educating kids on social responsibility and initiate water-well projects for developing countries.
Want to know more? Gululu has been featured in leading global media publications in over 20 countries. Among them are TechCrunch, Yahoo, Vogue, and Forbes that declared Gululu as a “Top 5 best kids’ gadgets.”

Enter to Win a $45 Gift Card from Gululu!

Gululu is giving away a $45 Gift Card to one lucky winner to
help you prepare for the upcoming school year!
Enter to Win an Amazon Gift Card from Gululu during the Back to School Giveaway at Mommy's PlaybooK! #EntertoWin #GululuBTS18

Quick Features!

Gululu is an amazing interactive water bottle that provides children with an entertaining reminder to stay hydrated. Parents love it because it doesn't require anything extra from them. All you have to do is wash Gululu after each use, allow it to air dry (baby bottle racks are a great drying solution to keep the lid and bottle together). Kids can easily charge Gululu overnight or between sips as the bottle just rests on the charging cradle when not in use. Take a look at the quick features that highlights why you'll love Gululu too:
  • Monitor children's daily water-drinking progress through your smartphone
  • Grow and evolve with a virtual ‘tamagotchi-like’ virtual pet
  • Experience continuous content updates through an automatic software update system to keep children engaged
  • Parents can utilize “Do Not Disturb” and “Bedtime” modes to be sure the Gululu Pet isn't distracting during learning or rest times.
  • Learn-Through-Play, embark on a journey of health, rewards, and adventures within the “Gululu universe”
  • Connect with friends by syncing to nearby bottles and stay connected with the cloud-based app. Durable, safe, and waterproof with a modular design and easy-to-clean spout that makes maintenance simple BPA-free
Other important features:
  • Monthly themes: Every couple of weeks, Gululu introduces additional features, such as new online campaigns, drinking animations, pet accessories, sound effects, and more. These exciting additions are all automatically updated into the bottle through the cloud.
  • Gululu Universe Journey: Children can redeem accessories for their pets with the virtual coins collected along their journey of discovering the Gululu Universe.
  • Virtual pets: A fourth virtual pet, (Donny), was released at the end of March. More characters are expected to be added soon to expand the population of the “Gululu universe.”
Back to School Giveaway at Mommy's Playbook! #GululuBTS2018
One lucky reader will win a $45 Amazon Gift Card from Gululu!
The giveaway is open US Only, 18+
The giveaway ends 9/1 at 1159p est
Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win.
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Mommy’s Playbook Giveaway Rules: This giveaway is Sponsored by Gululu and hosted by Mommy’s Playbook. Winner will receive a $45 Amazon Gift Card! Use the gift card for whatever you like OR towards your Gululu purchase! Victoria and/or Mommy’s Playbook are not responsible for prize fulfillment. By entering this giveaway you are giving the giveaway host and/or event sponsor permission to retain your email address for future communication, you may choose to opt-out of such communications at any time. Please contact Victoria (at) regarding any questions you have pertaining to this giveaway.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

1 Lucky Winner will receive a box of 20 Landcrafted Food Original Flavor Beef Sticks!

Introducing Grass-Fed Beef Sticks From Landcrafted Food

Original Smoked Grass-Fed Beef Sticks Giveaway

Welcome To The Original Smoked Grass-Fed Beef Sticks Giveaway!

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1 Lucky Winner will receive a box of 20 Landcrafted Food Original Flavor Beef Sticks!

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Haley's Friendship Challenge Children's Book Available on Amazon

Topaz Publishing has just released my new children's book. "Haley's Friendship Challenge" is a beautifully illustrated story about a girl who moves to a new town. 

Unfortunately, she isn’t fitting in and she misses her old friends. 

For her birthday, Haley receives a much-coveted surprise that she shares with no one. 

However, her feelings change when she feels empathy for a neighborhood dog that has also lost her pals. 

After weeks of loneliness, Haley realizes that things are not getting better for either of them; it’s time to make new friends. 

 Haley's Friendship Challenge Available on Amazon

Bio: I am the author of the children's picture book "Gerty the Pig" which is in school systems across the U.S. The book is in the National Accelerated Readers program. 

My co-written song "Strangely Beautiful" was featured in the TV show "Famous In Love" and my co-write  "Angels Of The New Millennium" was licensed to the TV show "Full Circle." 

Ten of my co-writes were on Steve Goodie's kids album "Refrigerator Art" CD. 

My co-write "One More Father's Son" which is about a homeless veteran is a Grammy winner DL Byron's "Satori" CD. "Slippery Forces"is on Boz Boorer's CD "Some Of The Parts." 

There's a real cool video of "Slippery Forces" on youtube.  I have numerous other song co-writes. I'm an excellent ping pong player and love to play beach volleyball.. I also a big time fan of the Green Bay Packers. Author is on Facebook Louie Lawent 

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Signs Your Furnace Will Need Repairing

Once you buy a furnace, you are going to need to try and make it last as long as possible. They have no resale value and maintaining it is vital to getting your money out of it. To help you maintain your furnace for as long as possible, you need to keep an eye out for certain signs that it needs repairing. If you find one of the following signs happening to your furnace, you need to find a reputable company of furnace repair Fort Myers to hire like the one found at .

No Checkups In Over A Year

If you haven't had an HVAC technician look at your furnace in more than a year, you should have it checked out. Even if you don't actively hear any signs that something is wrong with it, you need to get it looked over by a professional. They will be able to see things that could potentially be wrong that you don't.

Noticeable Water Pooling

If you have any amount of water pooling around your furnace, you should have it looked at promptly. While it may be common for a little bit of condensation to form, a pool of water is not a good sign. Most often, a pooling of water by your furnace means that there is a clog somewhere in the condensate line.

Smells Like Gas

If you smell gas coming from your furnace, you need to immediately shut it down. Afterwards, open up the furnace cover and completely shut off the gas valve. Call an HVAC technician to come check out your furnace right away. While waiting, be careful not to light up matches or turn your home's lights on. It could lead to a very dangerous situation.

No one likes to think they will have to buy a new appliance such as a furnace. Our bigger home appliances can be very costly. However, if you pay attention to any signs your furnace needs repair, you may be able to get up to 15 years of life out of it before needing to purchase a new one.

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